Happy Birthday Josiah

Today was a fun day around here. It was Josiah's 4th birthday. He has grown to be such a sweet boy and a great delight to have (most of the time). For those who are "friends," Rachel has done a great job posting to Facebook. She's also done well to keep our Family Blog up-to-date.

We opted to take the kids to the Great Wolf Lodge 2 weeks ago in an attempt to celebrate Annie and Josiah's birthday. We did this in lieu of throwing a public party for the two of them.

I started off today with a trip to the Y-Express. I got back in time to see Josiah open his T-ball set. Then I showered and headed to the chiropractor for my first (ever) massage. I returned home to begin working for the day. After Annie came home from school, we headed to Toot's for lunch. After lunch I came back home while Rachel and the kids headed to Chuck-E-Cheese to play some games.

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