Daddy is smarter than Mommy

This morning as we were discussing Annie's school work, Rachel (aka Mommy) said, "You need to have Daddy help you with this homework. Daddy is smarter than Mommy." Now, I believe that Rachel was simply trying to "pass the buck." It is true that I should be helping Annie with her homework more often. However, I replied, "Do you know why Mommy says that Daddy is smarter? [Annie does not know...] Because, Daddy married Mommy, and, well...Mommy married Daddy." So, if that isn't proof enough, I don't know what is.


Google Voice / Blackberry Storm / GVDialer

Point 1: I used to have a severe case of Smartphone Envy, that was until I became the proud owner of a Blackberry Storm. The iPhone wasn't an option, because I'm pretty sold on Verizon [VZW] (mainly due to In-network calling, because the majority of my family uses VZW. Not to mention, they have great coverage). When I upgraded to the Storm, I also ported our home number from a VOIP line to VZW's Add-a-line, because I was not ready to surrender the number, and it is less than $10/mo. to keep the number active (I also got a 2nd Storm with a BOGO deal).

Point 2: I've been a GrandCentral user for a couple of years (prior to the Google Acquisition). GC is now Google Voice [GV]. I had not made use of many of their features, but we want to eventually replace our home number with the GV number. Now, the additional phone has been set to forward to our GV number, which then rings both of our mobile phones. In addition, this lets us put some filters on the numbers to limit spam, and the voicemail transcription has been pretty cool.

Point 3: VZW has added a new Friends & Family option that permits me to add 10 numbers for unlimited calling to our current Family Share Plan. At this point, our GV number is one of those numbers. I can now call my GV number (initially for voicemail purposes) without concern of minutes used.

Point 4: The loophole is that GV permits me to make an additional call from within the GV menu. The call would appear for all VZW's intents and purposes, as a call to my GV number, and therefore free of charge. This requires a little bit of extra effort, but if I know it will be a long call, it could be worth it.

Point 5: GVDialer takes all the work out of it for me. After installing GVDialer, when I select a contact from my address book or punch in a number to dial, I am given an option to call via GVDialer. It is one-touch dialing from there, the app does the rest to connect my call. I've only made a few calls using the app, but I am pleased thusfar.

This has the potential to totally revolutionize my voice communications. I'm stoked.


Happy Birthday Josiah

Today was a fun day around here. It was Josiah's 4th birthday. He has grown to be such a sweet boy and a great delight to have (most of the time). For those who are "friends," Rachel has done a great job posting to Facebook. She's also done well to keep our Family Blog up-to-date.

We opted to take the kids to the Great Wolf Lodge 2 weeks ago in an attempt to celebrate Annie and Josiah's birthday. We did this in lieu of throwing a public party for the two of them.

I started off today with a trip to the Y-Express. I got back in time to see Josiah open his T-ball set. Then I showered and headed to the chiropractor for my first (ever) massage. I returned home to begin working for the day. After Annie came home from school, we headed to Toot's for lunch. After lunch I came back home while Rachel and the kids headed to Chuck-E-Cheese to play some games.

One Hundred Pushups - Week 1, Day 2

Today I managed the 5 sets: 14, 19, 14, 14, 12.  The final set was supposed to be a minimum of 19, continually leading me to think that I'll re-do this week.  I am, however, pleased with the progress.


One Hundred Pushups - Week 1 - Day 1

Although it is listed as Week 1, day 1, I am on the Week 3 day 1 schedule.  I was supposed to do sets of 12, 17, 13, 13, min 17.  I was struggling on the last set of 13 and pushed out a max of 7 for the final set.  Maybe I should have started on Week 2's schedule.  I'm happy at this point and will continue on the Week 3 program.  Worst case, I repeat the Week 3 program next week.

One Hundred Pushups - Initial Test

I scored well on the initial test...I guess. I popped out 24 pushups.
Per this page:

More than 20 push ups? I would suggest starting the program on Week 3. Choose either Column 2 or 3 based on the number of push ups you managed in your initial test.

So, I'm starting on Week 3, which is fine because it gives me a 2-week buffer if I don't finish a week like I should.  I'll be using the free Logger tool to keep up, as well as trying to post my progress here.


One Hundred Pushups

This is a re-post of an entry over at my church blog. I've modified it slightly for here.

And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.  - Mark 12:30

If you are like me or the typical American, you've likely made some New Year's Resolutions. Odds are also great that you've already fallen behind on these resolutions. Here's a chance to re-up the ante and join me in a physical challenge.

I came across the Hundred Pushups Challenge several months ago. I started week one and got distracted. A secret to success in arenas of this nature is accountability. Here's my going public with this challenge and inviting you to join me.

A couple of months ago we learned about HD Living.  One week in that series was focused on strength.  It is important that we maintain healthy bodies.  I believe there is an extreme in which physical health supersedes spiritual health; but more common is the lack of concern for our physical well-being.

I plan to start the 6-week program as posted at the Hundred Pushups Challenge Website beginning next Monday, January 19.  If you're game to join me, drop me an email or post a comment here.  I hope to post consistent updates here.


A Geek’s Daughter

We celebrated Annie's sixth birthday this weekend (Jan. 3). Tonight, Rachel was at WalMart trying to pick of goodies for the gift bags Annie is supposed to take to school tomorrow for her classmates. Rachel called me and asked that I try to have Annie list off (for memory) her classmates, so that Rachel would know the correct number of gifts for boys and girls. Annie did a great job coming up 3 short of the 19 names.

What was most humorous to me was Annie's intial comment when I told her what her mother had requested:

Dad, you just go to WWW Annie's School dot com. They probably have a picture of my class and a list of all the kids' names.