Google Voice / Blackberry Storm / GVDialer

Point 1: I used to have a severe case of Smartphone Envy, that was until I became the proud owner of a Blackberry Storm. The iPhone wasn't an option, because I'm pretty sold on Verizon [VZW] (mainly due to In-network calling, because the majority of my family uses VZW. Not to mention, they have great coverage). When I upgraded to the Storm, I also ported our home number from a VOIP line to VZW's Add-a-line, because I was not ready to surrender the number, and it is less than $10/mo. to keep the number active (I also got a 2nd Storm with a BOGO deal).

Point 2: I've been a GrandCentral user for a couple of years (prior to the Google Acquisition). GC is now Google Voice [GV]. I had not made use of many of their features, but we want to eventually replace our home number with the GV number. Now, the additional phone has been set to forward to our GV number, which then rings both of our mobile phones. In addition, this lets us put some filters on the numbers to limit spam, and the voicemail transcription has been pretty cool.

Point 3: VZW has added a new Friends & Family option that permits me to add 10 numbers for unlimited calling to our current Family Share Plan. At this point, our GV number is one of those numbers. I can now call my GV number (initially for voicemail purposes) without concern of minutes used.

Point 4: The loophole is that GV permits me to make an additional call from within the GV menu. The call would appear for all VZW's intents and purposes, as a call to my GV number, and therefore free of charge. This requires a little bit of extra effort, but if I know it will be a long call, it could be worth it.

Point 5: GVDialer takes all the work out of it for me. After installing GVDialer, when I select a contact from my address book or punch in a number to dial, I am given an option to call via GVDialer. It is one-touch dialing from there, the app does the rest to connect my call. I've only made a few calls using the app, but I am pleased thusfar.

This has the potential to totally revolutionize my voice communications. I'm stoked.


Jason Roysdon said...

Beyond cool. I was just telling my Wife how I was going to hack up my contacts to add calling my own GV number first, GV PIN, option 2, and then the contact number. No need, this app does it for me, and I don't have to hack my contacts up, and it's just seamless. My only complaint - why didn't Google Voice have this app? Why doesn't GV let me get GMail notices and allow me to reply via GMail for SMS messages so I don't need to have any SMS messaging on my cell at all?

The wireless carriers' days of charging by the minute and per text message is coming to an end. They just need to get over it and charge a flat rate for data/voice. I'd tried that with MetroPCS, but unfortunately their data network stinks and isn't even 3G/EVDO and has more gaps than coverage.

Nathan said...

A couple of responses: I think Google Voice did not have this app because Google likes to foster innovation in others. Besides, they would have to create apps for multiple platforms in order to be "fair."

As for the integration with Gmail, that would be nice; but at this point, you can sign up for Google Voice with a regular email. Presently, Google Voice is an isolated service not integrated with all-things-Google. This is certainly appealing for some, but I'm with you. I'm a self-professed Google Evangelist.

Joshua McGee said...

I am considering buying a blackberry on verizon for the sole reason of using the Google Voice to make all of my calls, and I have a few questions about the app and what plan I would need from verizon to use all of the features that the app has to offer.

I am not sure if I need unlimited texting in order to text through the google vioce app. Also, will I need an unlimited data package for me to make calls, view vociemail, and to send texts, all through Google Voice? I am planning to put
my GV number in "my circle" so that I can make inlimted calls and texts through that one number, much
like what you are doing. Thanks for the help.

Jeff said...

Thanks for the writeup.

I've got the Google GV app on my Storm, but it's not convenient to place calls using that app. GVDialer is exactly what I need, but it's no longer available. Drats!

If anyone knows of an alternative, or knows where to get GVDialer, please let me know.


mcahren @

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