Black Pepper Chicken

black_pepper_chicken One of my favorite places to eat is our little "hole-in-the-wall" Chinese buffet - Super Wok.  What keeps me coming back, again and again, is the Black Pepper Chicken (BPC).

I used to be (and still am to some extent) a General Tso's chicken fan; however, it is BPC that currently holds my affections.  When eating BPC, I like to start with a heavy layer of white rice, topped with some pork fried rice (for flavor), and a healthy dose of BPC.  I've tried BPC at other buffets, and they just don't cut it.

We've ordered the BPC as take-out on a number of occasions, but I prefer it on the buffet; because Super Wok also has the best Crab Rangoon I've ever tasted.  Toss in chicken on a stick, topped off with a Chinese doughnut and a fortune cookie, and you have the makings of a fine meal.

If you ever pass through the South Lebanon/Maineville area, you need to check out Super Wok.


Burn Notice

A few weeks ago, I saw that Burn Notice was returning on July 10.  Unfortunately, I did not mark the date.  So, I missed the season premiere of season 2 last night.  Fortunately, USA now has full episodes online (brought to you by DirectTV or Blackberry...on the two occasions I've started the episode this morning).

If you've never seen Burn Notice, it is James Bond meets MacGyver in Miami.  It is a serial, action dramedy.  It is good enough to be on network television.  With the lull in summer programming, Burn Notice is a note-worthy addition to your line-up (of course, I'm not advocating more TV watching, stop watching all that reality garbage and watch something fictional...or should that be the other way around?)


Just for Fun: Edit any Web Page


I suppose I really don't have a chance at this year's election due that that whole not 35 y/o issue.  However, I can still manipulate the news.  Hey, you can too.  Just drag this link to you bookmarks toolbar: Edit this page.


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A Productivity Hobbyist

I'm not a GTD freak; I've never read the David Allen classic.  However, that does not isolate me from being a Productivity Hobbyist.  My fascination with lifehacks and shortcuts is very much on the level of a hobby.  It is certainly not out of necessity.  If I were to spend as much time doing work as I do reading about how to do it quicker, I would get much more done.  However, when it comes down to the deadline and getting things done, I can usually (due to my hobby) zip through a list of tasks with ease.

My hobby is not entirely in vain.  I've been able to stay ahead of many of my more knowledgeable co-workers when it comes to workload, simply because I've discovered tips, tweaks, and hacks they haven't.

I'm quick to give up any secrets.  As soon as I come across a piece of information that I think is valuable, I want to share it with someone else.  I want to constantly be a learner and a teacher.  In many respects, I want to be a filter.  I'll read 30 blog posts a day on productivity, and I'll pass along 3.  Not that the content of the others wasn't valuable, but I'm intentional when I forward the 3 filtered posts.

My productivity hobby is primarily centered in the world of technology.  In the coming weeks, I'd like to discipline myself to actually post about some of the tools that I use and how they make my life better and more productive.