Black Pepper Chicken

black_pepper_chicken One of my favorite places to eat is our little "hole-in-the-wall" Chinese buffet - Super Wok.  What keeps me coming back, again and again, is the Black Pepper Chicken (BPC).

I used to be (and still am to some extent) a General Tso's chicken fan; however, it is BPC that currently holds my affections.  When eating BPC, I like to start with a heavy layer of white rice, topped with some pork fried rice (for flavor), and a healthy dose of BPC.  I've tried BPC at other buffets, and they just don't cut it.

We've ordered the BPC as take-out on a number of occasions, but I prefer it on the buffet; because Super Wok also has the best Crab Rangoon I've ever tasted.  Toss in chicken on a stick, topped off with a Chinese doughnut and a fortune cookie, and you have the makings of a fine meal.

If you ever pass through the South Lebanon/Maineville area, you need to check out Super Wok.

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