Fasting - the one week mark

As this evening closes, I've completed a full week of fasting.  At this point, the hunger has almost completely subsided.  My energy has picked up quite a bit.  I think this is due in part to getting over the initial slump, but I must also contribute my growing energy to adding more juice to my diet.  I've added between 2 and 3 8oz. glasses of juice each day.  I've picked higher end juices from Odwalla.  I've noticed better mental clarity, and overall I'm feeling very good.

My fast remains open-ended with no set conclusion.  I will simply stop when my willpower gives out. 

The basic purpose of this fast is to recharge my self-discipline.  As I see it, fasting is one of the greatest challenges in discipline that I've ever experienced.   Completing the fast is an encouragement to myself that I can master my passions.  Other challenges in discipline that I will face will likely pale in comparison to what I am experiencing currently.

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Unknown said...

My name's Adolfo. I'm trying to contact an artist named Nathan Mabry who live in LA. Is this you?
I'm a friend of Marcy's (your sis) and she asked me to contact you because my band will be going to LA to master our upcoming album. You can reach me at Lydian@niayh.com
I also love fasting. I think its an important disciplinary act that everyone should enjoy the benefits of-physically, mentally and spiritually. Lets talk shit even if you don't dig my band. You seem kool- hahahahaha!