Blogging again?

I've been on hiatus since January.  I've already re-entered the blog scene through http://blog.journeyky.com.  I've written a dozen posts (mostly drafts for the future) at this point over there.  I'm going to try to pick up posting here.

The hardest thing is to start again.  I know I don't have any readership at the moment, so blogging is really just a practice that benefits me.  I do hope to stick to it, and maybe I'll gain a reader or two.

I think that if I knew I had people reading and subscribing, then I'd be more faithful with it.  I don't seem to mind letting myself down, but if others are involved, I think I'd be more committed.

So here's to getting over the initial hump by actually posting an intent to return.  You'll hopefully be seeing more in the future.

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