As I was Saying....

Happy New Year and welcome to my blog.  This is not my first attempt at blogging, but this year, I really want to make more of a habit of it.  By habit, I mean at least once a week.  One of the greatest challenges I've had in preparing to blog is "what should I title my weblog?"  I finally settled on "As I was Saying...."  This is a phrase I find myself employing on a regular basis, mainly because of my attempt at multi-threaded conversations.

When it comes to conversations, I have a tendency to stray off topic.  It is partly a blend of my ADD and my general love of knowledge.  As I am talking on one subject, I'll say or think "that reminds me of...."  At this point, I will stray to a totally different tangent on an entirely different subject.  Don't begin to think that the first tangent is isolated.  It is likely that I will stray again and split off a second, third, or fourth time.  However, my gift lies in that I typically close each thread before the end of the conversation.  As I reverse through the tangents, I will remember the path that took me down each rambling and come back to sufficiently close that topic of conversation until I finally end at the original subject.

As it relates to this weblog, I want to have some general areas of focus: technology, theology (matters of faith), philology (general love of knowledge), and efficiency (i.e. life-hackology).  Notwithstanding, tangents are allowed.  However, you can be certain that "As I was Saying...." will eventually resolve to one of these main foci.


Llamamom said...

Be more faithful blogging....you and I, both. I'd like to be more faithful on MySpace. I didn't really want to have a MySpace, but Patty and Brenda thought it would help us all keep in touch. It doesn't. Whatever.

Nathan said...

I still don't get MySpace. Rachel got a text message from her cousin a couple of days ago regarding an old friend. She indicated that Rachel needed to get on MySpace so they could stay in touch. I simply thought, "Why? doesn't she have email?" I don't get how MySpace (or Facebook) enables you to stay connected better.