8 days gone, 20 miles traversed

One of my resolutions this year (birth year) is to run 1000 miles.  So far, after 8 days, I’ve traversed 20 miles.  “Traversed”, that’s an important word.  I should have clarified this in my resolution, but in resolving to “run” 1000 miles, I do not force every step to be a run.  My goal is basically to travel 1000 miles during time periods that I’ve set aside for “running.”  So far, most of my steps this year have been in a run, but they are not exclusive.

I’m on target, and as my Half Marathon training continues, my miles/per/week will increase.  I’m also hoping the coming spring weather will make running a bit more pleasant.  I’m not concerned about the immediate, as much as continuing this habit over the next 12 months.  Keep me accountable :-).

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